What is OrderingSpace?

We are a Service Provider for the Consumer which acts as a broker or agent to place a direct
order with the business of the consumers choosing. 


How do you differ from Ordering Platforms? 

3rd Party applications charge businesses heavy commission or per order fees. Forcing business
who partner with them to Mark Up Menus and Charge Non-Existent Delivery Fees to help 
absorb the costs - These fees get passed onto the user of those apps. 
OrderingSpace, is an agent that works Directly for the User
We place an order Directly with the business on behalf of the user
Eliminating the need for businesses to overprice their offerings 

What are the fee’s to use service?

In many instanses you will find restaurants who partner with us directly by accepting orders
through a tablet device, eliminating the need for an agent to place the order.  For these partners
ordering is 100% Free.  In other cases there is an average of $1.25 convenience fee on
an order you place.  Some cases may be slightly higher if the businesses hold and wait times
are extremely out normal range. 

How are Payments Processed?

In general when placing a credit card payment through OrderingSpace, we charge the $1.25 fee 
which acts as a pre-approval of the payment and allows us to collect our service fee. 
The rest of the payment is provided to the business and deleted immediatly.  
With technology today, most phones and browsers have pre-built payment methods on devices, 
For this reason and to keep things extra secure, we do not store payment information.

Where is my Delivery?

You can call the business directly, please refer to your Delivery Address and not an online order
number.  Remember we act as an agent, so for restaurants it is a direct order and they can only
identify you by your address. 
You can also call us and we can track your order. 

Users, Order Direct Through Us