Fine Dining

A Customized Website and Online Ordering

To start, we design a customized website for your restaurant. There are no upfront charges for this.

Fine Dining

A Way To Capture Customer Data

Customers’ contact data is captured and stored in a database when they order online.

Fine Dining

Continuous Marketing For Repeat Business

Our system sends out text messages and emails that keep past patrons of your restaurant connected.

The Benefits of our Marketing-as-a-Service


Increased Business

First, having an attractive site that is easily locatable will naturally increase sales. From there, each time you take an order or someone subscribes to the messaging system, the system can then start sending out messages on a programmatic basis to keep your customers updated on attractive specials and reasons to stop in for a visit!

Market Visibility

We are experts at positioning the customized site we build and host for you within popular search engines. Our techniques produce instant visibility when people are searching for you online or looking for a restaurant in the vicinity.

Low End User Service Fees / No Hidden Fees

No large service fees to consumers ordering through the site. Many companies charge 15% and up turning off costumers from ordering more frequently. End user consumer fees average 2-3%, allowing to offset various costs in processing an online order for services such as Address Map Verification, API order notification, Transaction Email confirmation & any and all other potential fees.

If You Already Have A Site

No problem! We have many clients which already have a website. We can integrate our continuous marketing system on your site easily and capture customer data from it. Then we run the continuous marketing functions

Or we can create you a supplementary website to help maintain this marketing as an additional channel to your restaurant

Our combined solutions that enable continuous marketing

Website Development

Custom Branded with Proper “Subscribe Forms” to help capture customer

Search Optimized

Using Latest AI Technology, ChatGPT we’ll have a Write Up for EVERY DISH on your Menu!

Turn Missed Calls

Into Customers! Auto Send a SMS Bounceback Message with information, hours & links

QR Print & Mailing

Refrigerator Magnets to create easy access to your restaurants Order Now Pages!

Postcard We Printed

Give your customers easy access to your restaurant

Howard Beach Bagel Cafe
Howard Beach Bagel Cafe
Howard Beach Bagel Cafe
Howard Beach Bagel Cafe

Magnets We Printed

Give your customers easy access to your restaurant

Casa Nino
Sakai Ramen
Supreme Italian Market
Supreme Italian Market
Supreme Italian Market
Supreme Italian Market
Supreme Italian Market

Commonly Asked Questions

No upfront cost. The fee for our service is $50/mo for the first three months, then $150/month thereon. You can disengage with us at any time though practically none of our clients do once they see their site and experience the marketing value we bring them.

We can have the site up in 7 days. If you have pictures of your dishes to send, we will work with those. Alternatively, we can use gorgeous, representative generic food shots. Just send us your menu, and we'll take it from there.

The website we create has proper subscription forms to help build up your subscriber list. We also provide you with Print Materials that help direct your customers to your website & ordering pages, where subscriptions are made.
We have seen mailing lists grow to 1000s in months!

Your restaurant is in full control over it's subscribers - you can Export or Import your offline subscribers directly into your system administration.
We help you maintain and manage your system, but you have full control over design, hours, menus, promotional messages, custom customer promotions, bring back customer promotion, Text Message and Email pre set promotions.

We have been continuously developing and evolving the marketing services we offer for local restaurants for over 10 years.
We have helped restaurants stay adapted to current trends & changes, and continue to do so with all new evolution of restaurant cycles and changes in market trends.
We are constantly searching for the best ways help improve the services we provide, and as we continue to add new offerings, all are included with your package.

Yes. We provide the technology that allows you to integrate your existing site’s contact forms into our customer data capture system. This allows our system to capture all contact information gathered through online orders. From there, we can run the continuous marketing function – sending out communications through emails and texts.

We would be happy to jump on a 20-minute Zoom call and explain how our Marketing-as-a-Service program works

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